How To Draw A Human Body Part 2

Greetings youtube. Thanks for joining me today. This is Phoenicorn from art graphics hub. Hope you’re doing well.

We are going to continue the human body we started last video so be sure to checkout part one. A link should appear in the right hand corner if you need a refresher. Feel free to join along or just sit back and enjoy the video that’s fine too.

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So with that out the way, lets ensure we are comfy, take a nice deep relaxing breath, and lets begin.

Step 1 page set up:

Lets set up the stick man from last week but make sure he has been drawn as lightly as possible. Having him barely visible means he can act as our guide on this art journey. Using the guide we are going to trace the head like so. Next we draw 2 lines down for his neck and 2 lines across for the collar bone. Try to avoid straight lines as a curve will always look more natural.

Draw part of a circle for each shoulder, this should be between one quarter to a third. then draw a diagonal line connecting to the neck. This will define some of the muscles in the neck line.

Lets work on the chest next.

We start off by moving down a head height to where The pectoral muscles finish. then draw 2 curves. Kind of like sleepy “L’s”. Draw 2 light diagonal lines to the bottom of the hips. This too acts as a guid for the ribs and stomach muscles.

Lets add 3 more curves to finish off the rib cage, then a straight line down from the bottom of our rib cage to two thirds of the way down the hips. This is to show off any muscle definition you may want to add.

A slight diagonal line from the ribs to the hips, then just follow the hips in.

Step 2 Legs and arms.

Legs and arms can be tricky to draw. They are long and have very few guides for reference, so much like in real life, we have to work with what we have. From the top of the hips to roughly the middle, draw a slight diagonal line. Then with a very slight curve follow guide your pencil to meet the side of the knee. Now lets move inside with a tall narrow “S”.

Mark the bottom of the knees and connect.

another light curve for the outer lower leg followed by a slightly more pronounced curve for the inner legs.

for the feet we start with circles for the big toe. Rather than draw every individual to lets just draw a pill like shape. finally lets connect to the legs.


Oddly enough this is very similar to the legs. Very slight curves on the outside followed by a narrow “S” for the inside.

With the hands lets start with a diamond. Small triangles for where the thumb goes. Curve inwards for the outside of the hand, then connect with an “S”

Last step

Now, lets tidy up the line art.


This part can be daunting. I always like going in with a rough plan of how I’m going to shade. It helps me keep focused and prevents muddying the colours. For this part Im just going to use 3 shades. A mid grey. This will act as my base colour, A light grey, for highlights, and a dark grey for the shadow.

My rule here is only highlight to bring an area forward like the head and chest, and shade to push an area back, like the neck.

I start with my dark grey as this will start bringing the body to life. Next is small dots for the head shoulders, pectorals, knees and toes. I also add what’s known as reflective light to some of the edges as in real life light bounces off surfaces. I try to do this sparingly though.


So there you have it. A very basic body. Like with most things in life practice makes perfect as this builds muscle memory. I can’t wait to see how you’ve done. Why not tag me in your work on instagram or twitter with @artgraphicshub.

There are useful books in the description and recommended videos will appear shortly at the end screen.

Remember, even though life can be stressful, drawing doesn’t need to be. Be sure to take plenty of breaks, drink to keep hydrated and just generally look after and be kind to yourself.

Ive been phoenicorn for art graphics hub and I hope to see you next time.

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